The complete text of the Great Purification Ritual  Each line is shown in Japanese Phonetic characters, roman letters, and Sino-Japanese pictograms (kanji). For those of you whose computers have trouble displaying Japanese letters a (almost illegible) gif image of this page is here (56K), and a jpeg image is here (400K).


Free online English translation of The Great Purificatin Norito Prayer based on the modern langauage interpretation kindly provided by Tsutaya OHTA of Uneno Hachiman Shrine. Tsutaya OHTA reading the Norito at Youtube

An English translation of the Norito: Donald L. Philippi(Editor), Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa (Preface) (Paperback) Price: $15.00 from Amazon.

Here is one rendition of the Amatsu Norito sent to the ShintoML by "Yoshiahru"

Takaamahara Ni Kami Tsumari masu.
Kamurogi Kamuromi no Mikoto wo Mochite
Sumemioya Kamu Izanagi No Mikoto
Tsukushi No Himuka No Tachihana No Odo No
Ahagi Hara Ni Misogi Harai Tamau Toki Ni
Narimaseru Haraidono Ookami Tachi
Moromoro No Magagoto Tsumi Kegare Wo
Harai Tamae Kiyome Tamae To Mousu Koto No Yoshi Wo
Tamatsu Kami Kunitsu Kami Yaoyorozu No Kamitachi Tomomi
Ameno Huchikoma No Mimi Furitatete Kikoshimese To
Kashikomi Kashikomi Mo Maosu

A translation of the Misogi Harae Ablution Purification by Stephen K. Hayes

Listening to the Norito while at work can be a very relaxing and spiritual experience for some. Some of the biggest cities in the world from New York City or Tokyo contain some high stress industries like cleaning services, sales and law, in which those employed might benefit from the Norito readings.


You can listen to the Amatsu Norito and see and original Japanese text at this site which is part of the Reiki website.
(Thanks to Petra Gottschlich)

The Amatsu Norito translated into Portugues (I think)

Using this Portuguese translation as a base the following English translation of the Norito can be attempted (based on a machine translation).

Spirits  of purification
created for order of  and the mother
that they inhabit the Sky,
exactly as when
The God Izanagi no Mikoto
bathed in the narrow estuary
of a covered river with trees
permanently leafy, in the South region.

With all the respect from the depth of our hearts
We ask that they hear us, such as the spirit that hears our
intent, with sharpened ears, together with
Spirits of the Sky and the Land,
Take the badnesses, disasters and sins and purify all.

Miroku Oomikami
You bless us and proteject us

Meishu Sama
You bless us and protect us

For expansion of our soul
And the fullfillment of your will

An article that mentions Kotodama - the belief that words posses spirit and that the utterance of words influences the word - as being the basis of Norito

The Shrine Shinto Organisation Headquarters definition of norito


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