How to Attach Shide to the Stick (Kushi) of a Haraikushi

If a stick of bamboo is used, one or two cuts can be made into the top of the stick of bamboo and the ends of the Shide can be inserted into there. The top of the bamboo can then be held tight with a piece of hemp string.

If a wooden stick is used, as is often the case, then the following method, that of Rev. Miyazaki of Koura Shrine in Kurume, may be used.

A groove is made at the top of the "kushi" (stick) of the haraigushi

from above
The haraigushi is circular when viewed from above
from above with shide
The upper (folded) ends of the shide (shown in red blue and green are wrapped around the stick, overlayed.
from the side with shide
The shide are wrapped around the stick until it is given as much shide as a full head of hair.
from the side, shide tied
The shide are tied into the groove using hemp string.
from side, capped
The string and the ends of the shide are covered with a "cap" (pink) made of a square piece of paper. 
from side taped

The crinkled bottom edge of the paper cap is covered with a band of paper (orange). 

from side finised
The lower band of paper is held in place with a single loop of hemp string.

A photograph of the finished article
With a little practice and these easy instructions you will be able to attach the Shide to the "kushi" easily.

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