May 01, 2017

First Person Sacrifice

The ancient French may have chopped off their fingers. The ancient Japanese may have represented their first person body views with dogu figurines (Mc.Dermott, 1996) which they smashed. Mr. Look at your hands (break bread) in memory of me Jesus, arranged for himself to be sacrificed. Perhaps to this list could be added marathon running, martial arts and other mortifications of the the flesh. I am a structuralist, and notice repetition, but I don't really know what is going on.

The "mutilated hands" may in fact be stencils of gestures (Drobrez, 2014).
Dobrez, P. (2014). Hand Traces: Technical Aspects of Positive and Negative Hand-Marking in Rock Art. In Arts (Vol. 3, pp. 367–393). Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. Retrieved from
McDermott, L. R. (1996). Self-representation in Upper Paleolithic female figurines. Current Anthropology, 37(2), 227–275. Retrieved from


Posted by timtak at May 1, 2017 07:57 PM
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