December 19, 2016

Ancient Egyptian Eye see I

Tutankamun's dad, Akhenaton was a funny old soul. He gave up on all the ancient Egyptian deities and worshipped one, the disk of the Sun, instead. He depicted the sun as a disk with rays ending in hands, and himself and the royal family with strangely elongated thin hands and legs, enlarged bellies and enlarged chests. While some archeologists claim that these distortions conform to the actual shape of the pharohs body, it seems to me that they are those of someone who see themself from their own eyes from a frist person perspective, in the Eye of the sun disk that he worshipped. Akhenaton was also depicted as the Sphinx, another possible first person self view. After Akhenaton's death the Egyptians went back to worshipping their traditional Gods, and the name of Akhenaton, his father and son, were redacted from the historical list of pharos. Akhenaton was instead referred to as "that criminal," and the temples built to honour Aten, the disk of the sun, were destroyed.

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