November 02, 2016

God Nose

God Nose
The ghostly, bisected nose that invades my visual field, but is almost always ignored by representational artists (they can't all have small noses) is way too big.

The nose that I think that I have is the one that I see in the mirror. It is tiny. The split ghostly nose that I see, is big. Is it really my nose? The nose large on white.

I also note more recently that there may be many more representations of the nose than I previously realised. The nose(s) drawn above form the shape of a keyhole, a shape which is shared by the ancient Egyptian menat pendant, the Egyptian bull God's horns, and those of Hathor the mother God, vast ancient tombs in Japan and Saudi Arabia, and possibly also upside down Stupa. Perhaps the ancient Egyptian ritual Sistra">Sistra and Sekhem were also designed to encourage their holder they they are always looking at the world through, or as, a sort of slit. I guess it is also the "dimly seen," gossamer," "wispy" doorway or valley female mentioned by the Tao.

Posted by timtak at November 2, 2016 05:22 PM
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