October 22, 2016

Urasawa's Friend as Rochat's I-See-I

Phillippe Rochat (1998,2009) contends that our self takes place as a "negotiation" between our "first person" (Rochat, 2009) or "ecological" (Rochat, 1998) self -- which I dub the "I see I" self -- and our third person self as reflected in mirrors photographs or expressed in language. I think that Friend and the Symbol from Naoki Urasawa's "20th Century Boy" are a representation of Rochat's "I see I" self. It should be our friend but we caught it doing something shameful, or the other way around, so it hid itself away. This has put it in a vendetta kind of mood.

Rochat does not mention, overtly, that our friend tends to be ashamed of what we are doing, and also vast, so in that respect Urasawa's manga has more to say.

The manga "20th Century Boy" has been made into a three part film which I have yet to see. I have only just started reading the comic since I was a major fan of ”Monster” which I felt at the time was barking up the same tree.

Bad drawings by me based upon Urasawa's excellent drawings. The one of Friend with the world is superb.

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